ti-99 resources

Welcome to a collection of resources for the TI-99, Geneve and associated lines of home computer. There is software, manuals, emulation, FAQs, links to other sites and much, much more. Just click on the menu above to access the data. Enjoy.

Updates & News

May 23,2023

Added a lot more documents to the TI-99/8.

May 21,2023

Added a new section just for the GENEVE. It can be accessed from MENU. Also added to Documents; MyArc Extended BASIC II, TI99/8 and TI99/2 documents.

May 19,2023

Current updates to the site are now complete. Fixed links and made all the text white for easier readability.

Also added to Documents MyArc Extended BASIC II, TI99/8 and TI99/2 documents.

May 12,2023

Over the next few days I’ll be updating the site. Expect bad links, mismatched pages and other anomalies. Should be done soon.

April 23,2023

Replaced the Geneve MAME Emulation file with the latest version.

updates to the Geneve MAME file.

So updates have been added to the latest version of ABASIC & manual 4.09c. The latest version supports multi-colored sprites.

the Infocom games have a better startup batch file.

all the GPL games, XB and such now start at SPEED 1 which is closer to the real TI99 speed for the games and XB. This prevents you from needing to manually adjust the speed from the old default of 5xTI99 to 1 after loading the game to make them playable.

many more games. There are now 100+ games on the Geneve HDs files.

Note: Now using MAME instead of MESSUI. MAME is more stable. Set the menu key to F11 from Scroll Lock which some modern keyboard no longer support.

Added the DS994a and the BulWIP TI99 emulators to the EMULATOR section.

Added to OTHER SITES Apedsk99, an Arduino UNO based micro PEB. Also fixed the Shift838 link.

April 12,2023

In Emulation I updated the link to Classic99 which seemed to have been broken.

March 13,2023

Again updated the MAME Geneve .ZIP. Added ‘to Other Sites’ a link to a list of BASIC games from ARCHIVE.ORG.

March 5,2023

updated the Geneve .ZIP in Emulation to my latest version with all the new games.

January 13,2023

Added Github Repositories on Other SItes/Developers.

January 5,2023

Added more music to MUSIC folder; MusicDemo 1 & 2, Singing Demo, Space Shuttle-Star Wars theme & C-series music. From @bkjrug of Atariage. And added four Sam Moore disk to MUSIC from @farmerpotato of Atariage. Plus added an IUG MUSIC section that contains BASIC & XB music from the IUG. Also moved MUSIC to it’s own section under Software.

December 27,2022

Added to the FAQ section some links to my TI99 projects off my Project Blog on Atariage . Also on FAQ I added 9640news.com and made some esthetic changes to the text.

Corrected or removed various problem Links.

Cleaned up various text issues.

Added Link in Documents/Programming and Other Sites to ‘Senior_Falcon’s Atariage page covering his G.E.M., XB256 and his other programming utilities’. Plus Added in Software/Programming ‘My collection of Senior Falcon’s programming package as of Dec/2022.’

December 20,2022

Updated the Search listing.txt file and gameslisting.pdf. They now have all current files listed.

Also added Molasses Man, a game I had created and posted to my project blog on Atariage ( https://forums.atariage.com/blogs/blog/528-hlo-projects/ ) to Software/my games and Hunt the Wumpus- The Original (the original text version) to mygames too.

December 03, 2022

Added the original DISK B tutorial disk & the new tutorial disk to TI-BASE.

Updated the Geneve Emulation roll-up to now include TI-BASE. Also updated the Geneve Documents file.

November 22, 2022

Added to Documents/Hardware Geneve and Pcard documents.

Geneve has: myart, myword, multiplan, qde, various geneve manuals & pics, various MDOS manuals & apps, 9640gen E/A, forth+, fortran, TIC 9640, XB26 & AdvBASIC manuals.

Pcard has: manuals for Pcode card, Assembler, compiler, filer, freeform spreadsheet, Wordprocessor, TIPilot and books on programming Pascal.

Also added link to ninermame in MAME emulation section and removed old dead links to TI99 MAME.

July 12, 2022

Finally got around to adding some music. Music directory added under SOFTWARE/COMPILATIONS. About a couple dozen music disk. Also included is a directory of Harrison-Werth’s music.

January 1, 2022

Added Geneve package to emulation. The file will be marked with the date since the Geneve is still in development.

Added PixelPedant’s site to Documents: internet database.

I removed CADD from Other Sites: Stores since it keeps going down, being blocked, moved etc…

December 31, 2021

Added HSGPL MAME/MESS, 99-8 and 99-2 packages in emulation.

September 20,2021

Removed Rockrun game disk & docs from 3rd party disk. I thought it was a working copy but it’s not. In fact, I can’t seem to find a good working copy. But when and if I do I’ll re-submit it.

August 25,2021

Added ‘Educational Software’ sections to ‘Applications & Learning’ both Software and Documents. Includes software for Scolastics, Scott Foresman, Milliken, TI and other 3rd party carts.

August 24,2021

Added Text to Speech disk and documents to Applications including a .wav file of the TI Speech singing, sorta, Caroline.

August 11,2021

Added PixelPendant new documentation site to Other Sites.

August 8,2021

Added TrekXB to Mygames. It’s a Star Trek game in TIXB. Description here: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/17539-my-trek-xb-from-ti99iug/

August 2,2021

Added my game Othello256c to mygames.

Originally from a book and summited to the TI99IUG in TI BASIC. The game was painfully slow. Later I rewrote it and tightened it up in XB which helped a bit.

This version is compiled in machine code using Harry’s XB245C Extended BASIC compiler and is very fast.

July 21,2021

Added my Uno+ (see write up here) to My Games.

July 16,2021

Checked and cleared off some dead links from the site.

June 21, 2021

Added TI-Electrical Engineering Library & TI-Math Library to Applications & Learning.

March 9, 2021

Added P-Card system. P-Card is a card that adds into the PEB that enables the use of the USCD Pascal system. Includes a wordprocessor, compiler, filer and lots of utilities and documentation.

and TI-Trek under TI game disk.

March 7, 2021

Added a LOGO packages under Programming in both Software & Documents. The packages include LOGO II cart, Early Learning Fun, Books and various LOGO utilities.

March 4,2021

Added Connect 4 to TI cartridge games.

Added Munchman development notes under TI games cartridges docs.

Added Munchman II under 3rd party cartridges & under 3rd party disk the development notes and the disk version.

March 3, 2021

NEWLY UPLOADED!!! Both software & documents.

to 3rd party game carts:



micro tennis

hen house


star runner

to 3rd party disk games

old dark caves 2

to TI game carts



music maker

return to pirates island


treasure isle

to TI game disk software

market simulation

mystery melody

to atarisoft

donkey kong


February 28, 2021

Updated the Mille Borne XB game in MyGames to version 3.40. I added sound, voice, sped up the game in several places and fixed some long standing minor bugs. Enjoy.

January 25, 2021

After thinking about it for a while I decided to focus on just the TI99 on TI99resources. So I am removing the only two things that weren’t TI99, the MAME packages: 99/8,99/2,Tomy-Tutor and the Geneve. (OK, before someone says, ‘the Geneve was TI-99’, I don’t see it that way. Yes, it used the TI99 PEB but you removed the TI99 out of the way to use the Geneve. It had it’s own keyboard, audio and video. After you got the Geneve you could effectively toss your TI99 console.) 

Trying to support the TI-99 properly takes all my efforts on this website (I have just found an additional dozen or so games that I need to add this month) and adding these other systems at this time would just make the site more directionless. Plus I’m starting to run out of file space.

The 99/8,99/2, Tomy Tutor and the Geneve MAME packages from the MAME section are now here in this Atariage post: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/304601-ti99resourceswordpresscom/

January 23,2021

Added TI99Sim Linux based emulator to the emulations page and added back the link to TI994w that some how lost.

January 22,2021

Emulation is now it’s own menu page.

January 20,2021

Updated the Geneve MAME/MESS package with better documentation, a better OS boot drive, tested software and more stuff. I have it boot up with a green screen (I think it looks retro cool like that) and the packages that are installed have been tested to, mostly, work. Lots more documentation which the Geneve was sorely lacking. I steer away from TI99 emulation except XB and have stayed, mostly, with native Geneve software, of which there really is not much. The mouse in MAME sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t in the Myart. A real system that ‘could have been’.

December 23,2020

In the MyArcXBII directory I created yesterday I added a second version on MyArcXBII that also adds the capability to boot the PCard. In MESS/MAME options-DIP switches turn on PCard to start the PCard after a hard-reset. Turn same switch OFF to go back to MyXBII.

December 22,2020

Added MyArc Extended BASIC II to MAME packages. Everything you need to run a full MyArcXBII in MAME or MESS. Must use version 221 and higher to work.

December 16,2020

Updated the manual for KXBII to version 3 to correct some errors and highlight a new SAVE procedure. Updated the Uno game in Mygames with colors in the KXBII version that don’t look so hideous on a real TI99 and made some other fixes and additions to both versions.

October 13,2020

Added an MBX section. Includes game software, manuals, ads, pictures and @pixelpedant’s Youtube channel piece on the MBX.

October 11,2020

Added in 3rdPartyGameDisk:

Backgammon, Baseball, Bouncer, Casino Solitaire, Death Drones, Garbage Belly, Haunted House, Key Quest, Khe Sanh, Laser Shield, Moonbeam Express, Stone Age, Strike Force 99, TI Casino, Titanium, Western Dealer and Zero Zone.

September 27, 2020

Added a basic search function on the sidebar in Software and Documents. To search all files click the link to SEARCH to the LISTING.TXT text file at the top of the sidebar. Then use your browsers search function, with the text open, to find the file that you want to view or download.

September 26, 2020

Added a new FAQ section. It links to some awesome resources for information on the TI99: arcadeshopper FAQ, nouspikel tech pages, ninerpedia and TI99/4a-pedia. Also added Atariage TI99 forum topic of links to other software and hardware sites.

September 3,2020

Added in mygames section a game I re-created that I had submitted to the TI99IUG many years ago – Super Hiway Chicken Plus. I wasn’t able to find this game specifically in the old IUG on WHTECH but that’s not surprising. the IUG usually changed the name and removed the original author from the listing. plus, there does seem to be some files missing from the IUG composite. It’s a Chicken or Freeway variant that was a much improved modification of another IUG chicken game and yes the name is a bit over the top but hey, I was a kid. :)  Kinda surprised how much I remember of the game to recreate it. Can’t remember where I put my keys last night but sure can remember code from 30 years ago. 🙃🙂  

August 15,2020

Had to remove MusicPro as it seems to be defective. It locks up when loading sometimes. If I get it working reliably I’ll report.

August 12,2020

Added Music Pro by Asgard to applications.

August 10,2020

added Disk Manager 1000 v6 manual under C99.

August 6,2020

added games 3d-bowling, aperture, BHXP1, core war, dow4 gazelle flight simulator, galaxy, hordes, khe sanh, live tomb, maniac, micro adventures 1-6, nonogram, ring destroyer, pyjamarama, strike 3, ti99opoly & time lost – thank you sparkdrummer @ Atariage for the assistance.

August 3,2020

added in 3rd party game cartridges:computer war, frogger, intercept, muchman II, popeye, spys demise & strike 3

also in 3rd party disk games: astromania, clear to action, diablo, haunted house, legends, legends 2, living tomb, mr, frog, night mission, panzer strike, startego, sub commander, warewolves & wanderers, wing-it and wizard’s doom

added TI Italian User Group to youTube videos.

more games added: Aztec Challenge, Tennis, Wizard’s Liar, Wizard’s Revenge, Wit Series of Word Games, Moonbase Alpha 2019

added under Documents/Hardware a SAMS section (Super AMS)

added adamantyr’s ‘Crafting a vintage CRPG’ to developers.

added TI-99/4a Videogame House – nice list of games, information and trivia for the TI-99 line.

July 30,2020

added Wing War in 3rd party games

Also found I forgot to add the 2 E/A disk to the E/A software; now added.

July 22,2020

Added Jedi Matt 42 & Arcade Shopper to Youtube videos under ‘Other Sites’. Worth looking at. In fact, check out all the great creators of Youtube videos covering the TI99. Lots of instructional videos, demos and games play. Most assuredly worth your while to check out.

also added the Brewing Company to list of online stores.

July 18,2020

added Wagner’s Tech Talk – There is a lot of really good videos on this site detailing such things as TIPI, FinalGrom, Stuart’s Internet Brower and much, much more. Included with the videos are list of parts, resources and just about anything you need for the project. Very informative site.

Added PLATO courseware. Includes the cartridge, all the courseware disk as an individual download and all-n-one zip download. This is a fairly well made learning package that holds up well even in these days.

July 11,2020

added document attached to link to E/A docs which is a list of all the files in that directory. here is the list:

Contents of EA Docs

In folders:

BASIC in Assembler

  • BASIC interpreter
  • BASIC assembler guide


  • Calling GPL from assembler
  • GPL interface specs
  • GPL programming
  • GPL tutorial
  • TI GPL user guide
  • TI GPL programmers guide


  • file management specs
  • I/O bus specs
  • stack structures
  • TI home computer tech data
  • TI-99/4 and TI99/4a compare specs
  • TMS 9900 microprocessor

Source Code

  • Pitfall
  • Munchman
  • Parsec
  • TI Invaders


  • Advanced high speed game programming
  • John Dow assembler primer
  • Assembler primer
  • Beginning assembler for the TI-99/4a
  • Tech yourself assembler


  • TMS9918 VDP manual
  • TI VDP programmers guide

Lose documents in directory

Assembler tips & tricks

E/A manual corrections

E/A ctrl keys

E/A manual

Instruction set summary

inter most secrets of the TI-99

TI Intern (map)

Useful assembler routines

July 6, 2020

Added PROJECTS section where I’ll include some of my projects for the TI-99

July 4, 2020

Happy US 4th of July! stay safe, mask and social distance.

Today added some Myarc docs in Hardware Myarc. They are Myarc Memory card, Personality WDS-100 user manual, Myarc XBII manual and appendices (thanks @blackbox on Atariage for all your hard work) and put SpaceSpace II in the Myarc section (yes I know it’s not Myarc) since it’s used with Myarc XBII a lot.

Cleaned some misplaced files in the Scott Adams Adventure section. The actual disk with all the games was missing and another file was mislabeled. (thanks @majestyx of Atariage for the catch).

July 2, 2020

added J&KH Super Extended BASIC (SXB). this looks like a fairly interesting XB extension that adds database, string and some graphics capabilities.

July 1,2020

added @Shift838 store to the store section under other sites.

added hardware section with 77 hardware documents in the documents section.

June 28,2020

Added compilation area to software.

In this directory is some of the more well know compilations of software. Below is the description of what they are and where they came from.

The Altman fairware library was maintained by several different user’s groups over time.

Amnion IUG is the library of the International TI User’s Group.

BCS would be the Boston Computer Society library.

Chicago TIUG is the library of the Chicago TI users group.

Tigercub would be Tips from the Tigercub, which showed up in a lot of disks he sent out–and which appeared in many different newsletters as well.

June 27,2020

Added TI Disk Games section with Tunnels of Doom as 1st entry. TOD software includes three TOD adventure disk and TOD editor. Also uploaded TOD cart-on-disk to that area. There is minor glitches in opening credits on cart-on-disk version otherwise is fine. also uploaded the TunnelsofDoom.rpk for those who want the cart.

added Barrage, Return from the Isle adventure and SabreWulf v.1.0 game in 3rd party disk.

Added cartridges Barrage, Tris 2, Sabrewulf v.1.3 and Scrabble to cartridges.

June 26, 2020

Added ‘3rd Party Games on Disk’ sections.

Disk games added: 4A-Flyer, Airline, Beyond Parsec, D-station I&II, Junkman Jr., Mr. Chin, Pitfall, Road Hunter, Rock Run, Spad XIII, TI Runner, TI Scramble and TI-Lander.

Added Driving Demon to 3rd Party Cartridge Games.

Added a TI-PHM-listing to TI Game Cartridges.

June 25, 2020

Did some house cleaning and corrected the software files that didn’t have manuals and visa-versa. Removed, for now, Breakthru, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Jungle Hunt and Moonsweeper because I didn’t have any good manuals. Will re-post when I find good manuals.

Mizapf at MAME has, or will soon be, updating the TI-99/2 emulation to include a 32k memory module. from MAME post Atariage forum:

You may be glad to hear that in the next MAME release (or the one after it; it may be too late for next Wednesday release) the TI-99/2 will offer an expansion slot and a 32K memory expansion. I never saw it in reality, but let’s just assume that it could have existed.

mame64 ti99_232 -hexbus hx5102 -flop1 ti992testdssd.dsk -expport ram32k

I tested it with some BASIC programs, and it seems as if it actually works; I could load a TI BASIC program of 9 KiB size. There seem to be some issues with larger files, however: The screen space gets overwritten, you see some text on it. Note that you have to give it some time to parse the program; this takes up to 10 seconds and more, showing a blank screen. (I thought it crashed, but the cursor suddenly came back.)

June 13, 2020

Added under Documents-Games a listing of all the games software & documentation link to .PDF

June 9, 2020

Added Rich Gilbertson’s Youtube site to Youtube Links on Other Sites. Rich is the creator of RXB Extended BASIC.

Also added RXB Extended BASIC 2015.

June 8, 2020

First a shout out to @schmitzi, @blackbox & @omega-TI for all their tireless work in scanning and merging the documents that I don’t have. WELL DONE!

Added Statistics to TI Productivity Software.

Added in Software under MAME – MAME packages. These are full packages of everything you need to get MAME started except MAME itself (which download from MAME or MESS sites).


TI99/8, 99/2, Tomy Tutor added

Geneve added

also added a standard TI-99/4a setup. this one does not have any documents in it (since a lot of my stuff is Cyc) but has software. In it I have some nice simple .vbs script menus for Infocom games, Adventure games and few others in applications. uses MAME/MESS 20 above like others.

and finally, for today, added P-Card package. NOTE: with p-card package you have to use the MAME dip switch to turn on the p-card the 1st time you use it. (see readme)

May 26, 2020

I would like to thank Steve Willis who sent me a large amount of, nicely commented, software that will assuredly find it’s way onto this website. Well done Steve!

MAY 23, 2020

Note on using .DSK files on MAME 99/8 & 99/2.

I have been playing with the MAME 99/8 & 99/2 on MAME. All in all they work fine now. You can’t use the PEB setup but must the Hexbus setup in these machines and with the Hexbus running they are a bit slow on anything less than a i5 machine. The big thing with using .DSK is, even though they look like they might work, they won’t consistently work with Double Density .DSK. Here is Mizapf description of the problem:

Mizapf: I seem to remember one more issue with double density, and I did not have a solution for that. In rare cases, the density detection fails, and the controller assumes FM (single density) instead of MFM (double density). In a debug log I found that some values in double density read like an IDAM in single density.

Trying to explain briefly: The Index Address Mark (IDAM) is a special bit sequence that cannot be produced by normal data, so it can be used to put marks on the track where the sectors start. There seems to be a chance that some MFM data bit sequence looks like an IDAM when incorrectly read in FM. Imagine you hear a music recording at half speed and come to believe you heard “Paul is dead”, and then decide this was the correct speed. So the HX5102 starts with SD, believes to have found an IDAM, and then fails. Normally (what the other controllers do) after the read error, the controller should retry with the other density, and then report I/O error x6 if it fails again, but the HX5102 did not retry. This could be a bug in the HX5102 DSR, but I cannot rule out an emulation issue either.

Long speech, short sense (long story short): Stay with double sided single density (DSSD, 180K, 720 sectors) for now; you can use sector dump, track dump, or HFE, and the image tools like TIdir or TIImageTool won’t do any harm to it.

HLO: I’m conducting more test and will post a full report on MAME/99-8 & 99-2 usage in the future.

May 22, 2020

Back at it again after waiting for Google to clarify some stuff.

MAME has been updated to version 221.

Here is installation instructions:

0.221 has been published today. Since I already talked about it, no big surprises:

  • IDE adapter card working; options for clock chip: RTC65271, BQ4842, BQ4852, BQ4847. Proved to work with Thierry’s IDEAL (65271) and Fred’s IDEDSR.
  • PGRAM and PGRAM+ added. Proved to work with P-GRAM Utilities v2.3

You can find release 0.221 on WHTech.




Windows: Run the downloaded archive exe file; don’t get irritated by Microsoft Defender’s warning (More options, run anyway.) Unpack into a folder like “C:\prg\mame”. If you want to run my autoconfiguration script, you need to get and install Cygwin as well (www.cygwin.com). Activate unzip and wget in the Cygwin installer options. The autoconfigure script is named “mameprep_cygwin” and is also available on WHTech at the same location. Put it in your MAME installation folder, open a Cygwin shell, go to the MAME installation folder (cd /cygdrive/c/mame) and run “./mameprep_cygwin”.

Raspbian/Linux: Unpack the tar.gz file in some folder, like ~/mame. It already contains the mameprep script. Go into the mame folder and run it by “./mameprep”.

April 24, 2020

And also added ‘Uno in KXBII’ (Kull XBII) & ‘Yahtzee in TML’ (the missing link) to MyGames. Both are much more colorful than the other Uno & Yahtzee but slower.

Added TI Programming Aids I,II,III

Added Sams TI-9/4a toolkit book

Moved EMULATOR & PC TOOLS from Other Sites to Software

added a lot of files to the Assembler documentation area:

 list of files:
Assembler tips _ tricks.pdf
Ed Assm Manual Corrections.pdf
Editor Ctrl Keys.pdf
Instr Set Summary.pdf
TI Intern (map).pdf
Useful assembly language routines.pdf

Directory of BASIC in Assembler

TI 994a  BASIC interpreter .pdf
TI Ex BASIC assembler guide.pdf

Directory of GPL

Calling GPL routines from Assembly.pdf
GPL Interface Specification for the 99_4 Disk Peripheral V2.0 03-28-1983.pdf
gpl interfce specs for 99-4 disk peripheral.pdf
GPL programming.pdf
TI GPL Users Guide.pdf
TI GPL_programmers_guide.pdf

 Directory of OS _ Hardware

File Management Specification for TI 99_4 Personal Computer V2.5 02-25-1983.pdf
I_O Bus Specification Home Computer, 99_4 Drawing 1037185 09-17-1979.pdf
Stack Structures for TMS 9900 Application Sheet.pdf
TI Home Computer Technical Data.pdf
TI-99_4 and 99_4A Personal Computer System Software Comprehensive Specification V1.0 02-25-1983.pdf
tms9900 microprocessor manual.pdf TMS9918.pdf

 Directory of Source Codes

Munch Man disk version source code.pdf Parsec_Source_Code.pdf TI_Invaders_TI-99_4A_Disk_Version.txt

 Directory of Tutorials

Adv high speed game asm prog.pdf
Assembly Language Primer by John Dow.pdf
Assembly Primer.pdf
Beginning Assembly For The TI.pdf
Teach Yourself Assembler.pdf

 Directory of VDP

TMS 9918 video display.pdf
VDP Guide.pdf

Also added ‘Miller Graphics’ Smart Programming for Sprites’ book

And added ‘understanding forth’ in forth doc section

Plus added .zipped file of the original V9t9 package including source code for a Linux version (untested).

April 23, 2020

added TI99 international User Group Disks. Catalog in directory.

added ‘Game Cartridges on Disk’. These are game cartridges converted to disk so they can be used on a CF7 or NanoPEB. Some use a virtual GROM. I haven’t noticed any speed decrease but some people claim the speed of the games is 5% slower. the games, for now, are: Buck Rogers, Centipede, Congo Bongo, Dig Dug, Hopper, Moon Patrol & Ms Pacman. I’ll add more as I find/convert more.

added link to ‘TI-99/4a-pedia’ and Ninerpedia to ‘other sites’.

added new section to ‘other sites’ : TI99 specific Youtube channels. contains: TI99 videos, newline99, Rasmus Moutgaard, 99er, retro clouds, opry99er.

also added the emulators (simulators) Win99/4a and TI99w.

April 22, 2020

added MyGames – some XB or BASIC games I have created, typed in or modified. Ones I created were: XB Awari, Eagle one, Kroakers, Mille Bourne, Uno & Yahtzee. I modified: Star Merchant

also added:

Create Adventure Games books. these aren’t TI99 specific but I found them useful in getting started in creating various types of adventure games.

Kull Extended BASIC II – a collection of XB addons. this had no documentation that I found so I created my own. nice package.

TI User Newsletter – it looks like all the issues are here.

99er+homecomputer magazine & disk

April 15, 2020

uploaded all the Compute! magazines.

April 14, 2020


C99 software & support disk and lots of books on programming C

Atlanta TI99 CUG (I was a member then)

smart programmer newsletters

micropendium newsletters

All the TI99 Compute! books that I know of for the TI99

the David Ahl computer games books

added Fortran and TIForth disk

added Hexbus & archive.org/tibooks to Other Sites too.

April 5, 2020

added a whole lot of docs and software for Scott Adams Adventures. Docs include maps, hints, manuals etc…

also added the SuperCart (superspace2) cart with Leather Goddesses in Infocom since that one file requires a supercart.

and Microsoft Multiplan docs & software

April 4, 2020

added both documentation & software for: TI-writer (more added), TI-Base, TI-Artist (& lots of data disk)

Lots & lots of Infocom disk, manuals, hints etc…

And added more Atarisoft cartridges

March 31, 2020

added arcadeshopper & code|hack|create to OTHER SITES/STORES

March 30, 2020

added documents for XB, TIBASIC and E/A and software.

added TI-Forth & Lee Brodie books in documentation/programming.

March 29,2020

Welcome to TI99RESOURCES. A source of all things TI99 related in an nicely organized fashion.