Emulation for the TI99 brand of computers


To search all files click the above link to LISTING.TXT text file. Then use your browsers search function, with the text open, to find the file that you want to view or download form this directory g-drive.

All Cartridges are in MAME .rpk format. For Classic99 and V9t9 the .rpk is just a .zip file. Open the .rpk, and in most cases, you can just use the .bin files in the zipped .rpk as a V9t9 format cart. For PC99 files look under emualtorsPC99 on WHTECH for a massive list of PC99 compatible files.


Most disk are in .dsk v9t9 format. a few might also be in PC99 format. But since TIDIR and most emulators don’t care you might not even notice. For .tifiles & PC99 specific .dsk format visit WHTECH.

Classic 99 – Link to one of the best TI-99 emulators around. Expertly maintained by the computer-wizard Tursi!

V9t9 – Link to Cool Java based TI-99 emulator created by eschwartz.

JS99’er – Link to Online TI-99 emulator.

Win99/4a – Link to TI99/4a simulator. includes a cross-assembler.

TI994w -Link to an emulator by FG Kaal. Includes lots of features. Check it out.

TI99Sim This is a Linux based TI-99 emulator.

Original V9t9 DOS package includes V9t9 Linux source code – Zipped file


Muli-system emulator. The TI-99 emulator is excellent.

Mizapf is the expert maintainer of the TI section of MAME. Here’s his site: https://www.mizapf.de/en/ti99

Link to MAME (official website and downloads): https://mamedev.org/

Link to MAME, TI-related pages: https://www.mizapf.de/en/ti99/mame

Link to MAME TI99 change log: https://www.mizapf.de/en/ti99/mame/changes

Link to MESSUI. This is a version of MAME that puts back the top menu MESS once had. The maintainers keep it up to date with the latest MAME but It’s not an official part of the MAME. https://messui.1emulation.com/

MAME packages

Full MAME setup with documents, carts, disk and startup batch files to get you going quickly with MAME

MyArc Extended BASIC II Two versions; one with PCard installed (use DIP switch to turn card on) & one without PCard just MyArcXBII

P-Card – Just the P-Card package

Standard TI-99/4a (Documents not included in this one but can find elsewhere on this site)