Other Sites

Here are links to other extraordinary TI-99 related website.

Note: If a website goes down, please let me know in the Contact area.


My project blog on Atariage.

(Note: You need an Atariage account to download software). HLO-Projects


ArcadeShopper – He’s always got something new and cool for the TI-99.

the Brewing Company – nice selection of TI-99 merchandise and they also support Atari.

DoNotQ – Home of the f18a video adapter for the TI99.

https://shift838.fwscart.com/ – Carries a large assortment of hardware for the TI-99 and Geneve.

CADD electronics – Home of PC99 (both DOS & Windows) and the Cyc; a DVD of a lot of TI related stuff!

https://www.nanopeb.com/ Home of the CF7+, NanoPEB & the NanoPEB WiFi adapter.

TI-99 on eBay – Search of TI99 stuff for sale on eBay

MYTI99.COM – this is the launch point for accessing the web with TIPI and/or Stuart’s web browser for the TI-99. the site was created and maintained by Corey Anderson.


TI Game shelf – Great collection of TI games written by TI99 enthusiast. I even have a game on the site.

TI-99/4a Videogame House – nice list of games, information and trivia for the TI-99 line.

Bromosel software collection on 99er.net – Huge collection of BASIC & XB files. Worth your time looking through.

TI-99 Italian User Group – The database is one of the most all encompassing with some of the finest scans of documents out there. The database site is in Italian so if you want to read in English be sure to click the Google Translate on the right side bar.

https://ftp.whtech.com/ – The resource of just about everything TI computer related. It’s a FTP site so not a lot of organization but still, it’s got everything.

http://www.hexbus.com/tibooks/ – There are many other things on this site but the book collection is just awesome!

https://archive.org/details/tibooks – Another impressive book collection, this time from archive.org

Ninerpedia – A Wiki for the TI99 line. Lots of info on the TI-99/4a and it’s variants.

TI-99/4a-pedia – A community driven TI-99 resource. Nicely growing site with several bits of TI-99 software that are well documented.


Crafting a Vintage CRPG – Adam goes over, step by step, his building of a role playing game he is creating for the Ti-99/4a line. Good detail.

Wagner’s Tech Talk – There is a lot of really good videos on this site detailing such things as TIPI, FinalGrom, Stuart’s Internet Brower and much, much more. Included with the videos are list of parts, resources and just about anything you need for the project. Very informative site.

Mainbyte – Excellent resource of a lot of TI-99 related information. Includes manuals, hardware info, magazines and much, much more.

ti99-geek.nl – Home of TI-Dir. Also software for use with the CF7, IDE, TI99HDX and much more.

stuartconner.me.uk – Some cool hardware & software projects such as a CF7 utility and a TMS9900 breadboard project board.

Tech Page – Detailed hardware & software information. Go to site for any kind of technical questions you might have on the TI-99 plus some cool modifications.

Mixed resources

99er.net – One of the older all encompassing TI-99 sites. Has a nice emulator section and a database section.

TI99.com – This site has some interesting information on some of the early TI modules such as the Dimension line and some of the prototypes such as the 99/2, /3, 4b, /5, /7 and 99/8 among others. Note: the site is in French so the link is through Google translate to English.

Shaw site – formally Stainless Steel Software (now free) & some nice resources for the TI-99

TI99 specific Youtube Channels

PixelPedant – Ti-99/4a game play and related videos. Includes the game I wrote for the Atari 2600 ‘Parsec 2600’ play through.

Pixel Pedant’s game play of my Parsec 2600.

TI-99 Italian User Group – Some interesting vintage videos, TI-fest footage, game play, demos in English and Italian.

Chris Schneider – TI-99 IDE, Myarc, mouse and Oeey Gui for MAME and some the things you will see on this site.

Omega TI – mix of hardware and software reviews and some personal stuff.

Arcade Shopper – Some interesting demos of TI software and hardware along with some other stuff.

Jedi Matt 42 – by Matthew Splett. He has several videos of old TI-Fest and ‘how to’ covering the TIPI.

TI99 Videos – by eschwartz. well made and informative videos for the TI99.

newline 99 – Some instructional videos on the TI99.

Rasmus Moutgaard – Maker of several incredible homebrew games & demos.

99er – Fairly old TI99 channel. Some fun stuff.

retroclouds – Maker of Pitfall for the TI-99 among other great games.

Opry99er – His early stuff is mostly TI99 and good stuff too.

Rich Gilbertson – Rich is the creator of the incredibly versatile RXB Extended BASIC.