Cartridges & Disks:


To search all files click the above link to LISTING.TXT text file. Then use your browsers search function, with the text open, to find the file that you want to view or download from the g-drive.

All Cartridges are in MAME .rpk format. For Classic99 and V9t9 the .rpk is just a .zip file. Open the .rpk, and in most cases, you can just use the .bin files in the zipped .rpk as a V9t9 format cart. For PC99 files look under emualtors\PC99 on WHTECH for a massive list of PC99 compatible files.


Most disk are in .dsk v9t9 format. a few might also be in PC99 format. But since TIDIR and most emulators don’t care you might not even notice. For .tifiles & PC99 specific .dsk format visit WHTECH.


TI Writer

MS Multiplan


TI-Artist & Data Disk

TI Productivity Cartridge Software

PLATO courseware – cartridge, individual course disk and all disk-n-one zip file


Listing of all Game software & docs


TI Games


Other 3rd Party Games


TI Games on Disk

Scott Adams Adventure

Infocom Adventures

My Games – Games I created, typed in or modified

Game Cartridges on Disk – Cart games converted to disk for CF7/NanoPEB use (Load in XB unless specified otherwise.)

Other 3rd Party Game Disk


Game software (may be used with or without MBX-unless noted) and utilities




TI Extended BASIC

RXB Extended BASIC 2015

TI Forth




P-Card – This is a card for the PEB that enables the use of UCSD Pascal system. Includes complete OS with word processor, compiler & many utilities.


Kull Extended BASIC II Utility

TI Programming Aids I,II,III



Compilations Directory

In this directory is some of the more well know compilations of software. Below is the description of what they are and where they came from.

The Altman fairware library was maintained by several different user’s groups over time.

Amnion IUG is the library of the International TI User’s Group.

BCS would be the Boston Computer Society library.

Chicago TIUG is the library of the Chicago TI users group.

Tigercub would be Tips from the Tigercub, which showed up in a lot of disks he sent out–and which appeared in many different newsletters as well.

PC Tools

TIDir – Link to and incredibly useful FOAD directory program. Reads all forms of FOAD disk as well as CF7 compact-flash cards and much more.

TIImageTool. Link to a Java based directory program (and much more) and is incredibly useful.

Books & Periodicals

99er/Home Computer Magazine

TI99 International User Group Disks – Catalog in directory

Internet Databases

TI Game shelf – Great collection of TI games written by TI99 enthusiast. I even have a game on the site.

Bromosel software collection on – Huge collection of BASIC & XB files. Worth your time looking through.

TI-99 Italian User Group – The database is one of the most all encompassing with some of the finest scans of documents out there. The database site is in Italian so if you want to read in English be sure to click the Google Translate on the right side bar. – The resource of just about everything TI computer related. It’s a FTP site so not a lot of organization but still, it’s got everything.